Sign a contract with the Baltic Sea!

Did you know the Baltic Sea is one of the world’s most polluted inland seas? We must act before it is too late to save this precious marine environment!

Through our actions, we can all show our support and help. Many small efforts have a significant effect on improving the Baltic Sea. Together, we can also influence important decisions from politicians.

Make one or more of the following 8 promises and do your best to live up to them. The Baltic Sea needs your support and is thankful you want to join!

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    1. Let others know about the situation in the Baltic Sea – share, discuss, and spread on social media.
    I talk to friends and acquaintances and spread information about what I know.

    2. Avoid products with contents that can damage the Baltic Sea’s environment, such as harmful chemicals, microplastics, etc.
    I deliberately choose eco-labelled products – especially cleaning agents and other things rinsed off with water.

    3. Recycle diligently, such as plastics and cigarette filters that take a long time to break down.
    I recycle plastic, metal, glass, and other items from the household that are challenging for the environment to break down.

    4. Never pour environmentally hazardous products down the drain or toilet. (at home or in the boat).
    I do not flush chemicals down the drain/toilet, for example, medical residue, solvents, and paint residue.

    5. Environmentally secure your boat! For example, install a toilet with a collection tank, use only environmentally friendly bottom paint, or wash the hull in a boat wash.
    If I have a boat, I use it in an environmentally safe way.

    6. Report observations of algal blooms and/or invasive species to relevant authorities in your country.
    If I discover algal blooms and/or invasive species, I report it to adequate authority.

    7. Support organizations and initiatives that protect the environment of the Baltic Sea.
    I support organizations and initiatives that protect the environment of the Baltic Sea.

    8. Politicians at local and central level need to be influenced to make crucial decisions for the Baltic Sea environment.
    I support and encourage politicians who promote essential issues for the Baltic Sea environment.


    Sparkling sea


    Help save the Baltic Sea

    Algal bloom

    Algal bloom seen from the top of Briggen Tre Kronor. Caused by overfertilization.